3 Days Until Breast Reduction Surgery!!

I’m now 3 FRICKEN DAYS AWAY until my Breast Reduction Surgery! (2 days by the time I get this blog post published). It’s been kind of an emotional roller coaster the last week!

60593297_341276596572017_1511069387082170368_nI’m a lot more nervous than I am excited now… and when I think about it I kinda wanna cry bc my developed/developing boobs have been with me for the last ten years!

Preparing closer to my surgery, I bought 3 of the same sets of post op bras in 3 different sizes because I’m so afraid of buying the wrong size. I bought the Fruit of the Loom brand in the sizes 42, 44, and 46 because reviews were rather on and off about being true to size. The band size on my current bra is 40. I also bought extra five dollar tank tops from Target because I heard that it would be easier clothing to slip into after surgery since arm movement will be tough. I was going to buy the tank tops in a size L, but decided I would buy an XL instead so there would be more wiggle room, also because after all of the good eating the last two weeks, I’m a tad bit bloated. I hope this is the last time I have to buy a shirt in Xtra Large!! I might actually miss wearing baggier clothing, but am excited to wear clothes that fit in all places as opposed to only being fitted toward one area.

Last night at the surprise pop up Halsey concert, a guy who was dancing beside me yelled “AMEN!” to me while gesturing to another man’s butt who was passing through the crowd, and as I laughed awkwardly he also waved his hands around my breast area and said “But AMEN to all this too!” My mom gestured cutting motions toward her own boobs while pointing at me and so I yelled back to him I was getting surgery, to which he said “to make them even bigger?!” while I said “no! smaller!!!!” He had astonishment all over his drunken face and told me not to do it while I told him it was too painful to be lugging them around everywhere and he understood and danced off elsewhere. In that moment, aside from knowing my boobs looked bomb af in my dress, I kind of had a moment of doubt that maybe I shouldn’t go through with surgery and maybe I should just embrace my breasts.

Here’s that cute dress in case you were wondering

But…. I wasn’t gonna let one too many compliments or a boosted ego make me go back on my choice of getting surgery because after all, I’m still suffering from neck, back, and shoulder pain! It’s been a tough week not being able to take ibuprofen or pain reliever because I didn’t want this to affect anesthesia or surgery.

Currently, my boobs have been very very tender this last week and I can’t seem to pinpoint why that is. Personally, I feel like whatever weight I may have gained unnoticed ultimately just went to my boobs again or they just happened to decided they would grow a little more before the surgery. I say this because either my last two bras have been tighter fitting. Adding on to this, I’ve noticed I’ve had to readjust my bra where the underwire is many times during the day too. I’m partly glad my surgery is this week because my two last bras have begun to wear itself out in the straps.

I decidedly gave my almost new bras to another woman for free because I would rather they be in the breasts of someone else who would wear them and needs them than just being tossed into donation. Bras are hella expensive and even more so when they’re in larger sizes!

Considering it to be my last week with my breasts, I also decided I would take some cute photos to remember my boobs by and wow was I really feelin’ myself! 11/10 wish that I had contacted an actual photographer to get all the right angles of me than depending on my younger sister and the camera’s timer. (She sucked at this and took lots of bad angles of me; it was all I could bargain for). The amount of times I had to readjust was crazy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These were the photos out of the bazillion that I turned out appreciating.

To my boobs, it’s been real; from a 30AA to a 40DDD in over ten years! I can’t believe we’re actually going through with this! Literally all of the weight that’ll be taken off my shoulders…. I can’t even begin to imagine! Cheers to perkier, smaller, lighter breasts!

Thanks for reading! I’m super scared, so some words of encouragement would be awesome.

Link to previous post on breast reduction: Pre-Op Before Surgery in 2 Weeks!

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