Pre-Op Before Surgery in 2 Weeks!

An update on my breast reduction progress….

  • Last blog post, I wrote that my surgery was going to be April 19th, but because of school reasons I decided to move it to May 24th.
  • Surgery is in exactly 14 days!
  • I’m excited and super scared. I’m excited to have smaller boobs, but scared of what I will be limited to during recovery.
  • Today (May 10th) is my Pre-Op!

In the last two weeks, I’ve grown tired of my breasts because I’m starting to notice how often they’re in my way. For example, when I try to enjoy my food at the table, my boobs are literally on the table like they belong there. I’ve also been experiencing body image problems the last few days because the weather is getting warmer and I want to wear cute tops but they don’t quite fit right. I’ve also just been really upset at the rashes that I have increasingly noticed. I’m also alarmed at how often I readjust my bra in a day. My back, neck, and shoulder pain has kept me from feeling comfortable in my body.

Today, I noticed a developing rash where my bra straps typically are. I don’t know when this started, but am hoping this doesn’t prevent me from getting surgery.

To make major changes in my life, I’ve been sleeping on my back to train myself for after surgery. I’ve heard from others who have gotten it and blogged their journey through YouTube that they will sleep sitting upright in bed with pillow suppier, another said she slept in a recliner! I’m a huge sucker for sleeping in fetal position and comfiest sleeping on my stomach on my most exhausting days. I’ve been back training for the last two weeks and my body has semi grown accustomed to just sleeping on my back at night. This could also explain some of the back pain I am having.

I’ve also been trying to fix my posture when I am sitting or standing/walking. My current breast size has me hunched over all of the time. I’m hoping the surgery and my post-op bra can help fix my posture.

I’ve also been incorporating exercise into my schedule to turn it into a lifestyle.

I’ve had a stressful time researching post-op bras because I want to find one that will do the job, but also won’t break the bank.

I’m most scared of running the risk of hurting myself after surgery because of the pain I will be in. I’ve heard that it takes some time to be able to lift the arms.

At my pre-op, for those who don’t know what happens, (like me), vitals are taken. I also needed a blood draw and provide a urine sample.

I’m typically not scared of needles or blood…. but seeing the amount of blood that can be taken in seconds made me woozy. In addition to vitals, blood, and urine, I also needed to provide brief family history and any known reactions to anesthesia.

So far, everyone who I have told about my breast reduction has been very supportive and shares the same excitement. Most know of someone who have had it done and tell me how life changing it was for them. The only person who had trouble understanding was my maternal grandma. While on the phone with her, I told her my surgery was in two weeks. In the Hmong language, I basically translate it to “the doctor will cut my breasts to be smaller.” I think to the older generation, altering your own body can sometimes be taboo as they believe it could mess with the functionality your body in the far future. My grandma was worried I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed my future children or that my boyfriend might break up with me. She told me I should appreciate my heavy set boobs. I had to explain to her as best I could that this surgery would be life changing, it would alleviate my bodily pain, and I would be able to be more comfortable with physical activities. By confirming that I knew of people who knew people who had it done and whose lives were much improved, she was slightly more supportive.

It’s crazy to think how soon my surgery is! Thanks for reading!

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