I got my brows done!!!???!???

Hey Y’all!

Lately, I’ve gotten the greatest compliments about my brows and if you’ve been too shy to ask me what my secret is, I will not hesitate to tell you I got them done!

Before Getting Them Done

I’ve always had very light brows. (See pic below of what they used to look like)

Before Brows

This was November of 2018 shortly before I decided to get them done. I think I must have been going through a crisis about my personal appearance. Don’t we all at some point in our lives? For almost 2-3 years I had just accepted that my brows were always going to be light and around this time I had no care in the world if they were slightly untamed. I even stopped filling them in on the regular because it wasn’t worth my money to always fill it in with product.

When I was in highschool, I almost always made sure they were waxed to perfection. I refused to ever do threading again after they were botched from the first time I got them done at the mall! One was overly arched while the other curved; I had no clue how to fill them in to cover it up and so I had maroon colored sharpie brows. Crazy…..

Anyway, around this time, I also decided prior to my new year’s resolution that I would make improvements to better care for myself. This was in addition to deciding to get a breast reduction. I’d gotten so tired of falling into a deep shitty hole about feeling bad about myself/appearance and accepting that I was always going to be that way that I decided I needed to do something about myself to change how I feel inside and out.

The last time I was in a Sally’s Beauty Supply was to chauffer my 15 year old sister to get some hair dye or whatevs. (She’s into that stuff and hopes to study cosmetology one day). I don’t know what got into me to seriously consider dying my brows, but when I asked the ladies working there if they had anything, they unfortunately no longer carried brow tinting/dyes. So, I turned to Facebook for recommendations and lo and behold, my mom was the first to direct me. She recommended me her childhood friend, Jannie, to do my brows and this would be my early Christmas gift. For this, I am very thankful that my mom, though she is my biggest critic, paid for my eyebrows to look this good. She knows the struggle that I have had with my brows and used to by my personal eyebrow waxer because others who had done them didn’t do them very well. Also, because I would break out in hives from the wax. When I looked at Jannie’s photos of her customer’s and reviews, they were remarkable and everyone’s brows looked fantastic. I scheduled an appt for November 13th and couldn’t wait. I got the jitters imagining what I would look like with perfect brows 24/7. I did a bit of research here and there and watched various videos. I wasn’t interested in the microblading technique because though the hairstrokes are made to look realistic, I didn’t necessarily want hairstrokes especially during times that I did my own makeup. I grew up seeing many older Asian women around me having tattooed eyebrows so I suppose one could say that also drew me towards the more semi-permanent makeup style brows. As a little girl, I used to dream of looking beautiful even from the second that I wake up.

Who Did I Go To?

Jannie offers Microblading and Permanent/Semi-Permanent Makeup located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. (Click the link to see her facebook page!) She is honestly the best in the area for what she does and the service she provides. Jannie provides techniques varying from microblading, powder ombre, signature ombre, lip tinting, and permanent winged eyeliner. She typically has various deals going on so the prices do change which is why they are not listed on the site. Jannie’s services are offered in a clean and safe environment by sanitizing all leather bedding and pillows after each client. She also has both the client and herself wear hairnets while she also wears a gown to prevent contamination. Her paperwork process and review on safety took about 5-10 minutes for the first procedure and she had very clear instructions on how the procedure and after healing would be.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I chose to go with the semi-permanent powder ombre brows because I wanted them to be filled in as opposed to the hairstrokes that microbladed brows have. The powder ombre/signature ombre give the effect of having makeup on your brows the only significant difference is that powder ombre brows are lighter and softer whereas signature ombre brows are darker. I guess I should also mention that the signature ombre is also slightly more expensive. From my understanding, all three techniques, microblading, powder ombre, and signature ombre last at least 2-4 years depending on one’s skin type.

1st Session of Powder Ombre Brows

1st Powder Ombre Eyebrow Session

Jannie worked very hard to ensure that my brows fit and framed my face. For example, one of my eyelids are a tad bit fatter than my other so sometimes it just looks funny and misshapes my brows near the start. She was very okay with ensuring that my brows also looked the way that I wanted it to.

Getting them done doesn’t hurt like one would expect it to. Numbing gel gets put on there so you really don’t feel a thing. It feels more like scratches on the brows because that’s the numbing gel doin’ what it’s supposed to do. If the numbing gel no longer works, you will definitely feel it but if your pain tolerance is high, it really just feels like a paper cut. More numbing gel can be put on if this happens.

My eyebrows began to peel about the second day, but near the 1st week it had already healed. I think from my memory, I remember the first day feeling like it stung a little because after the numbing gel no longer worked during the procedure I was afraid to say that it hurt until Jannie noticed I was wincing, so a few hours later after the procedure I really did feel the pain. I put a little bit of aloe on to soothe the pain. The picture on the left above is after the 1st day of the procedure and the left is 1 week and 3 days after the procedure. I have no product on my brows and didn’t even need to conceal with makeup on. Needless to say, I felt beautiful!

2nd Session of Powder Ombre Brows/Retouch

Retouches usually happen within 4 to 8 weeks and at about 8 weeks I decided that I wanted to retouch and go darker, and so I hit Jannie back up again during my winter break.

The retouch went by much faster and I was extremely happy to see Jannie again because going to her is like sitting at a pillow talk session with a group of girlfriends. She managed to get my retouch done in an hour and thirty minutes which was perfect because the flexibility of my job allowed me to go to my appt and then come back. The picture below on the left is immediately after the second session and the picture on the right is one week after the second session.

The healing process was similar to the first so by this time I had gotten very used to it. I loved the color of my brows because the first session felt slightly too light for my taste. The only issue I had after healing was that the front part of each eyebrow didn’t retain the color very well. So, I decided to go back! It’s important for me to also note that EVERYONE retains their color/shading differently so this is why a second/third session was needed. 

3rd Session of Powder Ombre Brows

I thought I had been imagining that my brows didn’t shade all of the way and have a nice ombre effect like the first time because at certain angles, they looked good, and others it looked off. I more seriously considered going back after my mother told me I needed to go get them retouched. Again, my biggest critic. [eyerolls to the back of my head].

before 3rd try

I took the above picture about 10 minutes before my procedure was going to start just to make sure I wasn’t again imagining that my brows needed to be fixed bc sometimes I can be indecisive like that. This was also the week my skin began to break out in small pimples near and on my brows. Like, WTF?? So, if anyone has something to help with this, please hmu.

I was very very and I mean VERY pleased with the third session. For some reason, I felt like I was glowin’. Pics AND video included below. Again, Jannie was very mindful of my fat eye lid [LMAO] and kept a similar shape as before.


Immediately afterward, I decided I needed a spring/summer foundation so I went to the Sephora inside JCPenney at the mall across the street. Typically, I get ignored when walking into Sephora which drives me nutz because bc these are also times when I go in mostly barefaced. I told them I wanted to get color matched for a new foundation bc my current one was way too tan for me now that my skin had lightened up from the summer. The Sephora beauty consultant also took 5 minutes to compliment me on my brows that I had gotten done less than 30 minutes prior! How fricken crazy!!

Below is a picture of me wearing the Huda Beauty Foundation in the shade Toasted Coconut and the Huda Lippie in the shade Trendsetter I absolutely love Huda Beauty and her foundation and concealers are my go to. Though I typically do not wear makeup anymore, I also decided that in part with me caring more for myself, I would also enhance my appearance by spending a minimum of 10 minutes a day to care about my daily look.

1 day 3rd time
1 hour after 3rd session

Above on the left is a picture of the peeling from my brows on the 2nd or 3rd day. They began to peel from the beginning. This made me scared because before the color hadn’t retained well in this area. The right is a picture of my brows 6 days after my procedure with no product on or around my brows.


So far since I have changed my appearance by getting my brows done, I don’t have any regrets. I’ve always been opened to the idea of altering one’s appearance because what someone else chooses to change about them regardless if it is tattoos, plastic surgery or fillers or even something small like semi-permanent makeup, it’s nun’ya business. If one is happy/satisfied with their changes, then let them be who they want to be. I am in love with my brows and catch myself glancing at my reflection when I can to admire them.

Again, if you’re strugglin’ with your brows like I was, reach out to Jannie. She’s honestly THE BEST.

Thanks for reading!!




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