Travelling Alone Part 1

One of my greatest fears is being alone, for I am seldom by myself for very long.

Often, I am always with my boyfriend, my siblings, or my cat. This is probably the longest that I have been alone.

Today, I am travelling to San Diego on a service learning trip with a non-profit organization, Grid Alternatives, where I will be installing solar panels for the Manzanita Tribe.I’ve had about two hours of sleep in fear that I would miss my flight and was one of the first to arrive among other passengers at the airport at two in the morning.

My fears of being alone stem from my constant fears of all the people who go missing and have terrible things happen to them. I used to spend a lot of my time watching true crime stories that happened across the nation and it got to the point where I was so scared of it happening to me that I needed to stop watching them altogether.

This whole experience has been exhilarating and I am looking forward to what the day holds.


Last Pic Together before my trip!

When getting dropped off by my boyfriend early in the morning, he helped me unload my luggage from the trunk of his car and we exchanged our typical goodbyes. It was hard for me to tough it out because I had already spent the whole day trying not to cry about being so far from my family. (I’m from the midwest, so anywhere not in a 10 hour maximum road trip is very far). Even driving away was hard as I texted my younger brothers who were staying up for a “challenge” to be nice to one another as they peered out their bedroom window watching me leave. I’m already getting teary eyed writing this!

I weighed my luggage when I finally had the chance to after the family before me kept running back and forth from the self-checking kiosks to the luggage scale. All the kiosks were closed and the workers hadn’t arrived. There was another family with a bundle of luggages holding their place as first in line while they sat with their younger children on their electronic devices. Others began to roll in. When the employees finally arrived, they had those of us who were already in line to scoot back to where the line started. It was more frustrating to see those who were at the entrance of the like refuse to move back for those of us who were already in line. Typical standing in line problems, am I right?? Anyway, I wasn’t entirely mad as the others because when you travel alone you only need to worry about yourself. You don’t need to worry about your clueless husband who has no idea what is packed in his own luggage because he can’t answer if there are batteries or e-cigs etc. inside or your children whose attention you can never seem to grasp.

My process through TSA inspection went very smoothly and the wait line was pretty much non existent. I must have been about the 6th person through. I spent the next thirty minutes walking around a very empty airport. I love the MSP airport (and I’m biased because it is the only airport I have had a chance to explore), but it looks really sad when it is empty. Below were some of my more favorite sights to see.

The only place I found that was open was the McDonald’s serving breakfast. I typically order a number 9: two sausage burritos, picante sauce, a hash brown, and a medium orange juice. But, I decided to buy a big breakfast platter to begin my day. It wasn’t as good because I ate it alone. I got a little watery in the eyes thinking about how much better it would taste to share a yummy mcds breakfast meal with my brothers and sisters. I sent my little brother a picture of my breakfast expressing how I wish he were sitting next to me to share this meal and he replied back with lucky because I was eating mcds and he wasnt.

While waiting for boarding groups to be called, I chuckled to myself recalling the Key and Peele skit on boarding order. I bought economy tickets because that’s all I could afford so I already knew my boarding group was last to be called. My first plane had a nice touch screen to view movies on. The seats weren’t all that comfy and I had an aisle seat. I was right in front of the lavatory so you could imagine how heavy the traffic was. I spent most of my flight finally watching Crazy Rich Asians and trying not to cry while viewing as people walked back and forth in the aisle toward the restroom. When pulling in to Phoenix, I really wanted to see the view down below but couldn’t because the guy in the middle seat also tried to peer down but would end up blocking my own view.

It wasn’t until leaving the plane did I realize the major difference in economy and whatever tier comes after that! These people had comfier seats, more space in between, AND bigger screens! What the!!! I didn’t care much because I was more glad to just be off the plane. I hate plane rides because they’re like a very long extended roller coaster rides and this is why roller coaster rides are only meant to last a few minutes. I hate the popping in my ears because it’s worse than how I remembered it from my first plane ride at age 5. Chewing gum helps this for me.

In Phoenix, I had a little less than an hour layover because of traffic on the runway. The second I got off I zoomed to the nearest souvenir shop. I’m a sucker for cliche touristy souvenirs. Since my adult years of travelling, I enjoy collecting a snow globe and a shot glass at each place I have visited or at least try to. Though my time in Arizona was only an hour, I was on a hunt for my snow globe and shot glass. I also picked up some other souvenirs for my family at home. I made my flight just as my boarding number was called – thank god!

The flight was a short hour-ish but by far my favorite because I had a window seat on the left wing, an empty seat next to me, and a beautiful view. The pictures I took doesn’t do it any justice and needed no filter.

My most favorite site to see coming into San Diego were the wind farms. I learned in one of my classes that San Diego is home to many many windmills and it was so beautiful to see them up close.

Since I am enjoying my time here, I will divide this blog post into two parts as it’s already taken me three days to write this! Thank you for reading!

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