Sometimes LIFE Just Gets In The Way

It’s been almost a good month since my last blog post, and as my title states, sometimes life just gets in the way. It’s crazy to also say I’ve experienced so much in a month… so I’ll just list it below.

  • Last Week of March: Planned an eggroll fundraiser to raise money for my sister’s puppy’s leg surgery after it was fractured. I also had two midterms the weekend of the eggroll making… so that was a complete shitstorm of bad timing. I also had a meeting with my Academic Advisor to discuss my semester progress and major declaration plans. Tried to update my resume.
  • First Week of April: Slipped down my driveway and skinned my knee. Withdrew from the class I had taken a midterm in. Celebrated my mom and grandmother’s birthday. Briefly attended the wedding of someone I went to high school with. Attended a campus event. Found out I was the only one who didn’t get my Calculus midterm back.
  • Second Week of April: Made even more eggrolls and had my boyfriend send the puppy to surgery the same morning, sent my family to the airport for their vacation. Finally began urgently bugging my T.A. and Professor on the whereabouts of my midterm.
  • Third Week of April: Caught a cold, suffered through my symptoms, got my boyfriend sick, listened to him complain about being sick, still bugging my T.A. and Professor about my exam, still trying to add final touches to my resume, currently writing this blog.

In the midst of all this business, I’ve procured a mental list of future blog topics, but now am realizing they will be probably be jumbled into this blog post. Looking onward toward the near future, I am preparing for the city wide garage sale, another big eggroll order, a FREAKING BON JOVI CONCERT, registering for fall 2018 classes, wrapping up the semester, taking my final exams, applying for a second job, meeting my student mentee, interviewing seniors at my alma mater, if you will. (TBH I’m so tired I don’t even know if I am using the term correctly because I know it specifically applies to the university one attended, but it may be applied to secondary schools as well.)


May 2, 2018

And well whaddya know?! LIFE HAS GOTTEN IN MY WAY AGAIN! It’s now been like two weeks since saving the above draft and I’m finally getting back into the groove of things.

As an update, and I suppose a lesson learned for myself, sometimes life gets in the way, but sometimes things will turn out better than predicted. 

  • The puppy’s leg is healing, and still the most annoying and neediest pet out of the four at home.
  • My sweet Sylvie had her first cycle of being in heat so I’ve definitely learned a lot about female cats.
  • Since my second calc midterm going missing wasn’t my fault, I didn’t have to retake it and it won’t be included in my grade. Bangin’ amiright? 
  • I also just found out I got a 53.5/100 on my third calc midterm which turned out to be a B! It’s gr8 bc this is the first time I didn’t study for a test and considering I was in and out of lectures…. I’m doing pretty awesome.
  • I submitted my intent to transfer from the College of Liberal Arts to the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences at the University of Minnesota.
  • Not totally official since I haven’t declared it yet, but I will be majoring in Sustainable Systems Management with a Business Management Track… I don’t know yet what I’m looking to minor in… but I’ll figure that out soon!
  • I’m wrapping up my sophomore year in college and this semester was just as whack as the others but I don’t think my current mental state of mind can even be compared to the previous ones.

I’m going to end this blog post here because it’s best not to go into entire detail about my chaotic last two-ish months. I’m just glad that after all this, I’m still alive! 


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