Tips to a Snazzy Prom

It’s PROM Season!!!!

Is it prom season already?!?! I graduated high school two years ago, but if I could I would definitely go through the experience of prom all over again. It’s always so fun to dress up and have a unique night out. Read further as I give some advice and tips to making your prom experience a snazzy one because prom is a pretty big deal!

Rewind to PROM 2015 and 2016:


This was my very first prom! My boyfriend and I were juniors at the time. This was also my prom on a budget. Long story short, I decided a week before prom that I actually did want to attend. It didn’t take long to put everything together as we all know prom season is a stressful time.


My second prom was more intricately planned in the span of a month or two because it would be my last prom. This was also a more expensively planned one because it had to be worth it and every second was an experience to remember.

Lots of things actually turned out bad! LOL. We didn’t get to eat at our intended restaurant where we had our reservations because MOA security didn’t believe the others in my party were “old enough” to be let in even though our prom was held there. I cried afterward in my car because of emotional stress. My boyfriend didn’t dance with me. (BC we both don’t dance, haha). Everything that could go wrong, did. But it really was a night to remember and I had an enjoyable time with old friends and I’d definitely relive everything, even the bad moments.

Did somebody say… DRESSES?

I think the most unbelievable thing to anyone is that I only got my blue prom dress for only $20… or maybe it was $50. It was so unbelievably cheap I don’t even recall. I suppose the reason being was because most people already had prom so lots of dresses had hit clearance by this point. My first prom was in early May, so definitely later into prom season.

  1. Set a price limit for yourself!
    • I personally will not spend over $150-$200 on a dress.
    • The lower the price, the happier your bank account!
  2. Hit the department stores first!
    • Before you head to the tiny glamorous prom/wedding shoppes, definitely search your local department stores like Macy’s or Nordstrom.
    • Wait around for “holiday sales” such as President’s Day, Easter, etc.
    • Check for the sales frequently to get the best deals on your dress.
  3. Try on fancier dresses at the Prom/Wedding shoppes just for an experience
    • My experience at the Glitz! shop at MOA was definitely an awkward and time consuming one. I didn’t have any intentions of buying the dresses there because they were over priced. Lots of them you could find a small stain or snag because so many others had tried them on at that point.
    • Of course, for obvious reasons, they don’t even let you bring your drinks in!
    • Again, it’s definitely going to be very time consuming, if you’re going in around the same time other people are also searching for their dream outfit, expect to wait around awhile and expect to feel claustrophobic.
  4. Be open to other styles/colors
    • This one is especially tricky for a lot of women because some prefer tight fitting dresses to show off their curves, or others prefer loose chiffon style to hide them and accentuate other areas of their appearance.
    • My blue dress was a tighter fitting mermaid style and definitely made me feel self-conscious about how far out my belly was. Not to mention, I got my period the same day! I was super worried about staining the dress. I did love how the dress looked in pictures as it was just beautiful! It’s still one of my favorite dresses I’ve ever owned. It appeared to be really unique and different from others.
    • My pink dress was more of a chiffon style. I got this one from for around $200. It fit true to size and probably was great in my opinion because I could hide my gut. I loved the way it flowed, even during the windier times of the day.
    • Even with other pieces of clothing, I tend to gravitate towards colors that compliment my skin tone. And, of course, you know what colors fit you best! I originally wanted a gold and white dress, but it was so hard to find one without the worry of getting it dirty while it was worn.
  5. Prepare for alterations in advanced if needed
    • I am not too familiar with this area as my dresses fit my body and height perfectly, but definitely plan to have it altered so it fits YOUR body and makes you look and feel fabulous. I would even consider bringing a pair of heels or the intended prom heels with you as you shop in store or try on your prospective dresses so you know how well it fits you.


Anyone who knows me, knows I’m an avid shoe collector. I especially love buying heels at a bargain price.

  1. Know which heel you can last the longest in
    • Block heels are my favorite trend right now because they’re SOOOOO comfy! I can stand and walk in them all day with no pain and they’re honestly so cute.
    • I, however, wore a pointed heel to both of my proms.
  2. Try a variety of shoes
    • It doesn’t have to be heels, ya know…. chances are your shoes might be covered by your heels anyway. LOL, but that doesn’t mean the shoes on your feet will help you feel like a queen.
    • Partly why I say try a variety is so you have a back up pair of flats (or even sneakers!) for when your feet are worn out. I’ve never been one to walk around barefoot carrying my heels because I don’t like when my own feet are dirty, so most of the time my back up shoes are a pair of cute flats or my good ol’ crocs.
  3. Check clearance sections for best deals on shoes (this applies to all types of shoes honestly….)
    • In my years of clearance hunting for shoes, I’ve noticed a lot of the more glamorous styles are the ones that hit clearance because who honestly has a million places to go with those on? DSW is my favorite place to get fresh glam styled heels. Charlotte Russe as well!

Crossaints… whoops, I mean CORSAGES!

10351898_729153273873519_8894651894732774294_n - Copy


Corsages (and boutonnieres) are my favorite part about prom! I’ve made my own and some friends from fake flowers and other materials found at the local craft store (a.k.a Michaels), a lot of this stuff can also be found at the dollar store. Honestly, the most essential thing is this bracelet corsage base found in the wedding section of Michaels or Hobby Lobby. (But ribbon works too). They also have some great pins that make boutonnieres simple to put on. Some materials are pictured below….

  1. Pick out whatever flowers appeal to you
    • Lots of stores that have a craft section have very beautiful flowers to choose from.
    • I tend to like to pick a bigger flower to be the main focus and smaller ones with leaves to accent it.
  2. Hot glue gun is your best friend (as of right now)
    • To keep my corsage in tact, I had a lot of help from my trusty hot glue gun.
    • Before gluing everything down, make sure you’ve carefully arranged how you want it and glue as you would any craft project.
  3. Keep it simple, or honestly just go crazy! (Like I did)
    • Corsages are the thing that completes your prom outfit! Definitely make it as big or as small as you like.
    • I accentuated mine with rhinestones/crystals, pearls, and ribbons. *You definitely want to have ribbon.

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Hair and Makeup and Nails

  1. Know what you want done ahead of time
    • Pinterest or Instagram are some great places to get ideas on how you want your hair, makeup, and nails to look like come PROM day.
  2. DIY or go all out!
    • Now is a perfect time for freelance MUA and hair stylist to put some extra cash in their pockets and some definitely have reasonable prices and a lot of skill.
    • Getting it done by someone else or even at the salon or Sephora is definitely an experience itself. It’s always good to know what it’s like to feel pampered.
    • If you already know how to do some stuff yourself or have family members willing to do it free of charge, that’s even better! You’ll be saving yourself a lot of money!
  3. Growing out your hair, nails, or even your brows is definitely worth it!
    • I grew my nails out because I’ve never been one to do acrylics as I use my hands all of the time.
    • I don’t know how long my hair was when prom came around, but I was definitely saving it for prom during all my years of high school. I have no regrets!
    • Typically when I have an event, I like to groom my brows a week or two in advance, especially if they turn out terrible.

Make Impressionable Long Lasting Memories


  1. Make plans with friends or your date to hang out even after the prom has ended
    • Chances are, you won’t want the night to end. Okay it with your parents to see if it’s okay to hit up night time places to visit after prom.
    • Good activities typically open later at night are karaoke rooms, bowling, movies, etc.
  2. Take a ton of pictures to commemorate everything that happened the day of.
    • My boyfriend and I actually have a picture of us grabbing some strawberry milkshakes from McDs after taking pics and headed out to prom.
  3. Hire a photographer (or just someone with a camera) who will take pictures you’ll be admiring years after the event.
    • I will admit, I still LOVE looking at my prom pictures whenever I see high school kids stressed about prom season! It gives me such a nostalgic feeling.

Last Words

Well…. you’ve made it this far. I hope you were able to get some good advice from me. I really do! Whether you’re a mommy planning prom in the background or you’re honestly a student stressed in prom plans while preparing for finals or graduation…. I’m more than happy to assist you in prom planning!

Feel free to shoot me a message or email me with any questions or opinions I have on your dress, etc!




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