Pre-Op Before Surgery in 2 Weeks!

An update on my breast reduction progress.... Last blog post, I wrote that my surgery was going to be April 19th, but because of school reasons I decided to move it to May 24th. Surgery is in exactly 14 days! I'm excited and super scared. I'm excited to have smaller boobs, but scared of what…


An Open Letter to My Younger Sisters on Relationships

I had always imagined my life with older sisters to guide me in the ways of navigating different types of relationships whether it be with friends or romantic partners. I even imagined having sisters closer in age to me or as many as sisters imaginable as opposed to the two that I have already been blessed with. 

Achieving a “Natural Summer Look”

I'm back! I've decided today's topic would be about the Natural Summer look mainly inspired by Ariana Grande's British Vogue Cover July '18 I have been in awe since the release of the photoshoot as Ariana looks absolutely stunning with this look. I am in no way a self-proclaimed/self taught MUA or Beauty Blogger/Vlogger/Expert, what…